Serendipity At Its Best!

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.
—Henry David Thoreau

After being locked in the house for more than a year, due to obvious reasons, all I was craving was for some time out in the rains because I still haven't found anything that beats the joy of Mumbai rains. That feeling of aimlessly walking through the nature trails whilst being drenched is euphoric. As a person who has watched the sunsets for every good and bad occasion in life, walking and soaking the nature's vibe is a drug of its own. 

The pandemic has definitely made me question a lot of perspective I had about life, because what did we really chase while we were confined to our homes. The company of our friends & loved ones, just some time out to be able to walk around freely, travel and explore the beautiful places around our city or otherwise! As a lover of simple things, I have always ensured to find time out to relax and unwind but would usually postpone it in times of work or other reasons. With our plans affected, life on halt and anxiety kicking us down... I hope we have taken time out to understand what really feeds our soul. 

I am not sure if my ego is still chasing the things I thought I wanted because what were we chasing to begin with? As I walked through the national park, all I could feel was tranquility of the moment, the breath of fresh air, and the serenity of the trees that sang in synchronization. Sitting in the middle of the water stream, feeling the chill just reminded me that how do we function if not just like the water. Adjusting through our situations, changing streams, flowing on, going on just to reach to the end goal. 

This morning felt like peace that I probably don't have words to express. I could probably give in anything to go back to wandering in the midst of nature because nothing fuels our soul more than the nature's energy that dribbles into our veins. Yea sure, we need to create a life that earns us a living, but we undoubtedly need to find a life that will help us fill the empty spaces of our heart 💚


  1. As usual, good writeup & amazing pics. Be Blessed Always.


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