An Ode to 2020...

Poem, 2020, nature photography

We walked into 2020 with a lot of ambitions,
But we were left confined to our homes... 
Our dreams were put on hold and jobs were at stake,
As our basic survival became the priority.

Technology remained our savior,
Internet became our necessity.
Endlessly scrolling through various apps,
We yearned to hear those giggles on video calls. 

A year that was supposed be "Our Year",
Instead our own demons drowned us in a thousand ways.
A year that had a million surprises,
Only each being a little more disappointing than the last.

A year that began with promising relationships,
Yet each seeing their own death through the course.
A year that began with hours of conversations,
But are now being left on seen.

A year that reminded us that maybe,
There is hardly anyone just a call away,
A year that taught us that maybe,
Not everyone survives through the storms of change.

Where best of the friendships faded,
Netflix characters came to our rescue.
Where technology failed to connect us,
The stars peaked through to watch us.

To those who lost a hearty one,
Remember to grieve them with joy.
To those who were ghosted,
Remember to leave them behind. 

To those who found new bonds,
Cherish them till eternity.
To those who achieved their own milestones,
Celebrate your hard work.

What began with all the zeal and passion,
Has ended with valuing little things.
What began with eagerness,
Has ended with stillness.

Welcome the new with open arms,
Find your faith in things that excite you,
Garner your good memories...
And pull out that beautiful smile. 

Wishing you Grace and Gratitude.
For years to come ahead.
For success that will be yours.
For moments that will fill your soul.


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