The King of Flowers - Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Just as Roses come with thorns, so will every beautiful experience you seek comes with it’s arsenal of troubles, so be prepared to fight for what you want.

The situation of the pandemic has created a drastic change in our daily lifestyle. While most of us are compensating by working from home, some of us are investing time and thought to learn something new or teach something new. With a fair bit of time in hand due to the pandemic, I decided to go back to my writing and give it another start. The quote above kinda struck my thought on how a journey towards a goal always has its own flavor, but we relish every step because we know at the bottom of our heart that how much happiness we shall feel when we achieve the goal. I visited the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden while I was on my trip to Chandigarh with my family. With the fantastic pictures I shot of the roses, I brainstormed a lot as to what to write along with the pictures because I just didn't want to write historic facts. So here's a little thought on how each rose is symbolic of an emotion or a quality and how those emotions or qualities have shaped us on our journey of life. 

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Red Rose symbolizes Love. 

We experience love in a lot of forms. Whether it is affection from our parents or grandparents, an extra long lecture from our best friend, the endless demands for belly rubs from our pets or with that one soul who becomes our companion for a lifetime. I am sure that despite the dictionary definition of love, we all have our own ways to define love and convey our idea of love. With the digital takeover, where emotions have ended up taking a backseat, do we really know what love and affection is anymore? Love is an emotion we all crave as human beings but do we show that love to people that are close to us or really mean something to us? Pure love is selfless and in times where everything is an investment and we expect returns, do we have the strength to love someone selflessly? Living through the no technology age to gradually adapting the technology with time, we have somewhere lost the essence of love and enjoying those moments of togetherness. May be if we showed a little more love in person than with emojis, a lot of us would not end up being at the therapist.

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White Rose symbolizes Innocence

There is an innocent child with dreams and aspirations that we all have, hidden under the moral values charted out by society for us to follow. Those moments of childhood when we did something foolish and made everyone laugh, was our innocent raw moment when we experienced something for the very first time. The naive moments we have had before we weighed everything with logic and reality have always been our best memories. The spontaneous decisions we made without thinking about the pragmatic after effects it would have on life, is exactly where our gut has trusted the innocence within us and those are the stories that we still talk about so proudly. 

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Orange Rose symbolizes Passion

At some point in our lives, we have all felt really passionate about pursuing something that gives us so much happiness inspite the hardships we go through during the process. It could be an activity, a hobby, an ideology or a personal process. We happily take on the difficult ride to be truthful towards that thing in which we are strongly and emotionally invested at our core. Some of us may have discovered it already and some of us are yet on their way to discovery, but it is important to keep following our passion irrespective of the failures that we may meet. Give it your heart & soul and you shall receive the successes & happiness just how you aspired.   

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Yellow Rose symbolizes Friendship

Friends have always been an important aspect of our lives in our growing years. Some of us had the same bunch of friends through all the years and some of us have made new friends with time. We always have that one friend who we ring up to rant or consult for something that we need to share. The times of joy, endless gossips, pulling pranks, writing notes, exam hall nervousness, trips together, drunk conversations, bad hair days and emotional rants, a friendship sees it all and yet makes the most beautiful memory bank. No matter how busy life makes you, don't let your friendships rust away with time. A small hello can rekindle the lost moment and forgiveness can build an even stronger bond than what was there before. 

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Pink Rose symbolizes Gratitude

The cycle of nature is planned in a way where we will constantly and unknowingly be dependent on others to survive. It is important to express gratitude to everybody who helps us in any way. A smile with a thank you, will always be remembered. Relish the good experiences and the universe will surely conspire to bring you more happiness. It is said that "You reap what you sow" so lets constantly sow goodness and positive thoughts and that is what you shall get in return. Hard days are bound to greet us, but let us greet them back with grace. No matter how bad the day ends up being, you can still find a happy moment in it if you wish. I may have stumbled on my work career but I am still grateful to have a home and food to be safe during the pandemic. 

The pictures of the beautiful roses have been taken at Zakir Hussain Rose Garden that is spread across over 30 acres of land in Chandigarh. The garden has more than 825 varieties of roses. The roses are carefully planted in flower beds as there are multiple varieties planted. It is a must visit if you are in Chandigarh. As it was the last leg of our trip, we had a flight to catch back hence we could spend only limited time at the garden and this was the best I could capture in that time. It was absolutely peaceful to spend time at the garden and look at the versions of roses, only to feel surprised on how much nature has to offer us. 


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