When Birds Photo Bombed My Picture!

I know you are a bit curious after reading the title but once you are done reading the complete article you too might feel that title is apt. I am photographer and while I was learning photography professionally, it taught me a very important thing that was a must to become an ace photographer and that important thing was 'observation'. While going on field trips to experiment our classroom training, our professor used to tell us observe first and click later. So one thing that I have got used to after learning photography more deeply is while I am travelling, whether for work or anything else, my eyes will always observe around and see things that will make a perfect picture. My mind will start composing the picture in my head and will quickly make me pull out the phone to take a shot. 

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Coming back to the title of the post, as to why have I named it "When Birds Photobombed My Picture"? My work makes me travel to different ends of the city everyday, and being a photographer I am always lurking to get some pictures while I am on my way. I am a sucker for evening skylines and being an observer, there have been in-numerous times when I have just composed a picture in my head, stood there for 2 minutes, taken the shot and headed for the work that I was supposed to do in that part of the city. So here are a few photographs that I took while I was passing from that area, either walking or sitting on the back seat of the bike. 

While I am keen on clicking sunsets and the clouds because I feel they give the drama and color combinations that will be only unique to your picture, as no moment of nature repeats in the exact same manner. So while I was framing these shots, my idea was to have the clouds and the sun in the frame, the bird was never in my thought. But since I was on moving vehicle, I was taking burst shots to have backup pictures incase if any of them get blurred due to the movement. Once I was home, I realized that when I was taking burst shots, some of the photographs had a bird in it, because it just passed by while I was taking the picture and got captured in my photograph.

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Mumbai, Travel Photography, Casual Abstractions, Bandra Reclamation

Technically they did photobomb my picture because I was not expecting them to be in my photograph. None of these pictures were planned, nor did I go out to specially to click these. All these photos have been taken on my phone camera while I was travelling for some work but my mind forced me to pull out my phone and take a picture as my eyes observed it. The photographs you saw here are spontaneous clicks and on a very honest note, I have captured some of the best pictures spontaneously rather than planning them. The skill of observation that has come along while learning the art of photography is something that will never fade in me.

Navi Mumbai, Evening, Sunset Photography

Mumbai CST, Architectures of Mumbai, Travel

However, Google defines Photobomb as "spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by unexpectedly appearing in the camera's field of view as the picture is taken", but I don't think the birds spoiled the picture. I feel they added the exact drama in the picture that was required to make to the picture complete and after seeing the burst shots, the picture with the bird in it looked more better than the picture without the bird. 


  1. Lovely post. I loved reading it. Yeah sometimes an unexpected object in the picture actually makes the picture complete.

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