My furry best friend - National Pet Day

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. 
- Albert Schweitzer

I remember, it was December 2016 when this little cutie had sneaked into my home to find some food. He was new born from my building and I had spotted him playing around with his mom many times in the passage area. I being a lover of cats and dogs, I was most joyous to see this cat sneak into my home as now I can pet him, feed him and play with him.

As I would make a point to feed him every-time I spotted him around the passage area, Jerry (that's what I named him) would now recognize my voice and run towards me even if he would spot me from far. Kids around my building were so excited to see him at my home that they too would come and play with him during evenings.

With passing time, Jerry started spending more time in my house. Would play around with toys, wires, teddies and then pass out. He was now a part of the family, as everyone would feed him while they would eat and this boy is mad behind sweets. Our relationship grew stronger, I would kiss him good-bye before heading to work, greet him first as I returned from work and then we would gauge on cheese and chocolates together. 

Being a photographer, he was now my subject to shoot whenever I wanted to make some good pictures. He would then pose for a few pictures too. As he was most comfortable with me he would often come to my lap or my bed and snuggle off to sleep for endless hours and wake up only to eat food.

Now that he is so used to me and my family no one needs a morning alarm to wake up. He will wake all of us up with his endless "meows" so he gets his milk first. 😊 Jerry has learn't to give Hi-Fi's and bro-fists, loves playing with ball and pet toys because he can run all through the house and explore each corner. 

Ofcourse, how can we forget the trend of selfies! My phone gallery is full of cat pictures and selfies with the cat. 

Yes, that's how my desk looks like while I pen down this blog post. Jerry has made a whole lot of difference to my world and I am so thankful to have him with me on this National Pet Day. Shout out to all pet owners, you have the best companion be it whatever specie you own.