Depicting the Process of Tattoo Making

Minimalistic Camera Tattoo

The latest addition to my tattoos has been the Camera tattoo. This was one of my dream tattoos and I had promised myself that I would get a camera inked when I own one! Since, now I have owned a camera and was on my way to get inked, I thought I would shoot the entire process of getting a tattoo. The trend of having tattoos was very strong during my college days, which intrigued me to have one as well. However after reading and researching on the complete procedure that is takes to make tattoos, I was in two minds as to will I be able to take the pain that the needle will cause. 

Tattoo Designs

After all possible research that I could do over the internet, I finally landed up at Elton's Tattoo Studio to get more details on one-on-one basis. Ashpren, who is now a very good friend, helped me through the process and gave me tips and tricks on how to deal with the pain. We had various meetings and discussions on the designs, which part of the body I would like to get my tattoo done and the colour of the tattoo. We had to go through a lot of tattoo designs for my first tattoo as I was not too sure of what I wanted. However after the first tattoo was done, there was no stopping on getting more tattoos. 

Tattoo Ink Colours

The process of tattoo making may seem a little scary as the ink is inserted within the layer of skin with the help of the needle. But like Ashpren's studio says, "Pain is temporary, Ink is for Life". So all those planning to get tattoos done, make sure you plan your design so you don't feel bad once you are inked. All my designs were well planned and they depicted things or words that made me feel happy.

Process of Tattoo Tracing

Me and Ashpren have had innumerable meetings, trying and tracing different art works on the skin to see how it would look once it is inked. Once I was satisfied with the placement and the size of the tattoo, I would get inked with that design. 

Process of Tattoo Making

All my tattoos have been in Black colour as once the tattoo starts to fade, it shows a tint of blue in it which is something I love. I have all of my tattoos on my hand, wrist and arm area as I believe in getting tattoos done where I can see them. I love minimalist stuff and thus had the urge to have icons on my fingers. I have a pug mark on the ring finger, after which I decided to have a camera on the finger too. 

Process of Tattoo Making - Needle Inserting Ink

Yes, the needle inserting process is painful but there are ways to cope up with it. I always carry sweets or chocolates to keep up the sugar levels during the inking process. I would generally take a friend along or play games in my cell phone to divert my thoughts from the needle and in no time the tattoo would be over. 

Tattoos are addictive, once you make one and you keep thinking of what to get tattooed next. I also went in with a thought of just one tattoo, but my count is now 5 and I don't know how many more I will end up having. These tattoos define me as an artist and I am in love with each tattoo that I have engraved on myself. 

For all those planning to get inked after reading my post, make sure you choose the correct tattoo artist who takes care of the hygiene during the tattoo making process. There are zillions of tattoo studios in Mumbai, but I always head to Ashpren for my tattoos because over years we have built up a trust and he exactly knows my capacity of taking the pain of the needle. For the folks in Mumbai, hit up my friend Ashpren if you are looking to get a tattoo done. He is super cool and pocket friendly. 

Also, latest addition as of... November 2020... The music tattoo on my fingers ♫♬♫


  1. This is pretty good. Thank you so much for sharing your story. This will be kind of a tattoo consultation for me as I'm planning to get inked from a long time but could not make it to.

    1. I am glad this will help you out, make sure you plan your design and eat healthy before you go for the session. Let me know what you get tattooed finally, I will look forward to it

  2. This is nice explanation of tattoo making. I appreciate that.

    Alex Shimray

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