When Bandra Celebrates Christmas!

When it is Christmas time, people are most excited to go around Bandra. Since Bandra hosts a couple of Churches and the Chapel Road, where most of the Christians reside. When I was a kid, my parents would also take me to stroll around the churches in Bandra during our Christmas vacations to see the decorations and lighting that people would do all through the areas. After I learnt photography, our professors would always ask us to experiment photography during this time as there are lot of lights and elements to capture and create different compositions with. 

So this year, since I had taken some break from work I too decided to go to Bandra on the day of Christmas. I started walking through Chapel Road, explored various lanes around and finally reached the Mount Mary Church. While I was on my photo walk, I noticed that everyone irrespective of their religion or age were heading toward the Mount Mary Church to see the Christmas decor and offer candles at the Church. Whether people belong to Bandra or not, people take the effort to come all the way to Bandra for this one day. People had set up Cribs at various junctions through the way that lead to the Church.

The Crib demonstrates the birth scene of Lord Jesus. There is Lord Jesus on the manger with his parents mother Mary and father Joseph. They are visited by the shepherds, wise men, angels and various animals. Since the crib is decorated with toys, people also like adding some messages and words that would describe the complete scene in a better way. 

Not to forget, our very favourite Christmas Tree. While I was heading toward the Mount Mary Church through different lanes, I spotted Christmas Trees decorated in various shapes, sizes and colours. In school, it was always a fun time to decorate the tree and till date the kid in me comes alive when I spot the Christmas Tree. 

Some had brought in the actual tree and decorated with various lights and elements of Christmas, while some created the shape of a Christmas tree with various colours of lights. It was artistic how people took these efforts to make the Christmas trees around or outside their homes and in the building.

And finally when I reached the outside of Mount Mary Church, I was surprised to see the number of people waiting outside the Church. The queue of people was endless. This is what I enjoy about Christmas the most, people from all different places visit the Church to see the decorations, offer a few candles and ofcourse click some selfies! The Church was dressed with lights and it looked absolutely gorgeous. The complete way that leads to Mount Mary Church was decorated with lights and stars that dangled on top.

The stalls outside the Church were crowded as people were waiting to collect their candles that they would offer at the Church. Also, who wouldn't want to take a Santa home? There were such cute key chains and danglers of Santa Claus and Jesus that no would could control, but buy them as a memory of Christmas 2017.

It was a thorough joy to spot such beautiful things during Christmas. As a photographer, it was a tough yet enjoyable experience as this helped to me to understand and improve my technicalities in photography to capture the lights perfectly. If you haven't visited Bandra yet, make sure you visit soon. Ending the post with one of my favourite picture of the evening.

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Hope the year is full of all your desires and happiness.