1st Birthday of Casual Abstractions

I apologize for not writing since so long, but as the rule goes celebrations are a must. Yes I have been missing in action as I got tied up with other things, but since we have never missed out on celebrating important days, here is one more day of the year that I want to tell you about. Today is my blog's 1st Birthday. It was this day last year, when I went live with the blog after struggling with that little bit of content and pictures that I had in my directory to put them together and make them look meaningful. I still remember that day when in the middle of the night I kept on trying various templates and fonts and color combinations to get everything right. Every journey begins with a small step and today I want to celebrate this journey with you guys because it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for all the support and love!

With this new year that I am beginning with my blog, I also want to share some good news with you guys. Since I keep traveling all day from one end of the city to other, which leaves me with no time to head out and shoot. So I make sure that while I am on my way I try to get some pictures that I can write about on the blog. I was approached by this website called www.livingit.in to write guest posts for them as they saw my blog and found it very interesting. As a platform to promote myself as a blogger I accepted to write guest posts for them and here is the very first post I wrote for them. 

The post talks about how while traveling I managed to take some landscape pictures because they looked fascinating at that moment. As I was in a moving vehicle or rushing past that area I was taking burst shots to make sure that I have enough pictures that are good and well in focus. But while I was back home and checked those shots some pictures had the bird in it. I know the title has made you curious as to what I am trying to say, so I suggest you visit the website to read the entire article... http://www.livingit.in/photography/birds-photobombed-picture-photography/

A big thank you once again for all the love and support you have shown towards me and my blog. Hoping to have that in the future as well. Until then follow me on Instagram to stay tuned for all the updates.


  1. Happy First Blogversary! Cheers to many more to come!



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