Round Up of Best Pictures of Casual Abstractions from the Year! #WorldPhotographyDay

It’s been 8 months since I started Casual Abstractions and it has been a wonderful journey through out. I have managed to pen down some beautiful experiences that I had while I was on different trips or when my team was on a trip and I am looking forward for many more. After writing about so many different days based around photography, today is #WorldPhotographyDay, the day when the Camera was invented. Since we have celebrated other days that revolved around the idea of photography, celebrating this day is a must because without this day the other days would have not been possible. 

The weapon that we as Photographers love to flaunt is now 177 years old and it has evolved with the years in terms of technology and functioning. To mark this day as a celebration of Photography, I am presenting the 10 best pictures of Casual Abstractions from the year where we have managed to capture the variety in life. It was difficult to choose these 10 pictures because as a photographer we have a special connection to each of our photographs. 

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It is a mix of all the emotions, experiences and escapades. Like a saying goes "Birth certificates are a proof you were born, Death certificates are a proof that you died but Photographs are proof that you lived." As a photographer today, I want to wish my rest of the clan Happy World Photography Day. Trust me you have the vision that no one else possess, the power to freeze the moment in the camera frame. Keep Clicking... :)


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