Nature Fuels Us! #NaturePhotographyDay.

"Nature is thought immersed in matter"
- Amos Bronson Alcotta

As a child, I have always admired the little things in the garden that my grandmother had nurtured in her backyard. It was she who used to take me to the backyard every evening and it was fascinating to see how beautifully she nurtured every bud there, while narrating stories about them to me. She would devote most of her time to the garden cutting, trimming, cleaning the flower pots and watering them. My love for nature began with my grandma's stories. I always wondered what power nature had, that it could transform a bud into a flower or fruit. The beauty in the way it continuously changes itself was something that is and has always surprised me. I loved photography even as a child and therefore, I would always click pictures of the flower that bloomed in my grandma's garden.

On our family trips, we use to go to zoos, parks and places where we would understand more about the nature, my love for it grew even further. I always wondered, whoever has created this nature (I don't know if God really exists) what was the person thinking of? Everything is just so perfect! The colors, the symmetry, the species, all fall into place without any one leading them or telling them what to do. Things just happen on their own, all we need to do is nurture them and sit back and observe the magic. 

As I started pursuing my passion into photography officially, our very first outdoor trips too were at parks like Sanjay Gandhi National Park , Byculla Zoo , Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden and Mahim Nature Park etc, where our professor used to leave us in the open and would say go observe the nature tactics and click pictures. He would ask us to go around the area, notice the movements and behavior of the animals there, know the kind of species that were breeding in the area and create our compositions.

With these trips to learn photography, I also realized that I always used to click the little things around me. I would always attempt clicking the little fungi that sticks on the wall and would not give up until I would get the shot. My professor would always tease me stating that for clicking those miniature things you would need a macro lens but I somehow would still get some decent shots with my kit lens. 

Having been fond of colors and being an observer, I always loved photographing nature because there is so much diversity. Facts have also stated that India has the maximum amount of bio-diversity in the world. So with time and experiences, I have loved spending time in the nature not just to capture the precious beauty it has but , to also enjoy the calmness and serenity it brings along. Those chirping birds, the infinite valleys, the little plants that emerge and of-course all the beautiful species that have been created. Nature always surprises with its change and trust me, to experience these surprises is worth a lifetime. 

So on this  , I wanted to share my experience and the things nature has taught me while photographing or enjoying it. One fact that will never change is, that Nature is always going to my best teacher. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience", and I absolutely agree with him because the changing trends and the advancements in  the technological world has taken away our patience from us. We have become so desperate that we want results even before the job is over. Believe me; if we learn the value of patience again, our lives are going to be so much better and healthier. That was all from my side for Nature Photography Day, I would suggest don't just click nature, enjoy with beauty through the camera we all have, that is our Eyes. The picture that is captured in our eyes is going stay in our memory forever. 

Learn to utilize the circumstances if you want to succeed, instead of wanting to change it according to your vision. Nature always has a plan, someday try changing according to the nature. I am sure you will love it. Conserve Nature while you succeed and enjoy the magic of the creator.