Why is #MothersDay just Women centric?

This #MothersDay when every other human is busy posting on every different social media about how their mother has been their strength and support, here is something that I want to say. Why is the Mothers Day just centric to women ? Aren't the other species who are giving birth to their offspring mothers too ? So here is my tribute, not only to my mother but to the mothers from all the different species who have taken the pain to give birth to their child. It takes immense courage for them to do things by themselves and give us the animal kingdom that all of us learn about. We humans still have a helping hand while we give birth to our child, but the ones out in the wild do it by themselves and yet they do it perfectly. I want to take the privilege to thank them on behalf of the little cuties with fur and four legs who have become a part of our family or we go see them in the wild. 

It doesn't matter what specie you belong to, a mother is always going to be a mother. She is the strength to every baby who has entered in this world. That is the magic of God, so Happy Mothers Day to all the species on earth who have the power to give birth and create a balance in the ecosystem.
Happy  to all the mothers out there. 


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