Dramatic skies frozen in my frame #ShadesOfTheSky

"None of them knew the color of the sky." 
- Stephen Crane 
This is a quote I came across and recalled about all the times that I spent on the beach eagerly waiting to capture the different colors that each sunset possessed. The dramatic skies have always managed to leave me awestruck with their different color shades and clouds that form a beautiful composition. 
As a photographer, the urge to capture the shades of the sky has always been a passion and I would wait for hours to get the perfect shot. I often visit the beaches during sunset hours so I can capture those different colors that are perfectly blended with the grace of nature. I am always surprised by how everything in the nature is so perfect and has so many shades of color within it. Sometimes I really wish to know who created these perfect blend of colors and make something stand out so beautifully. Something that I feel science and technology cannot take over, is the beauty of nature and its splendid collection. It feels as though someone has painted them with so much perfection that you just feel like sitting there and enjoying the calmness that it portrays.
So here are some pictures of the skies that I managed to capture during sunrises and sunsets in my camera's frame : 

It is always peaceful to go by the beach and observe the sun, as it helps you understand so much about nature that we miss out on while struggling in our daily lives, when we try to live up to our own expectations and that of others. Hope my pictures managed to intrigue you enough that you will take a break from your daily chores and go observe the nature and its beauty. Check out some more dramatic pictures on my Instagram page.