Mumbai's Inherited Heritage #WorldHeritageDay

India has been a host to a number of cultures and traditional values. Be it the Mughals, the French or the Britishers, all of them have left behind some classic architecture. They have brought their own unique style of architecture to India from around the world. There are various caves also carved with passing time that have been a tourist attraction nowadays. On account of World Heritage Day, here are some of the heritage sites that Casual Abstractions team has managed to click which are hosted by our very own dream city Mumbai.

Gateway of India
Gateway of India has always been a heritage monument as it was built during the 20th century at the water's edge in Mumbai Harbour. It has been a center of attraction for loads of photographers as well as people who love to travel by the sea. The monument was erected in order to show respect to King George V and Queen Mary at Apollo Bunder when they visited India in 1911. A lot of intricate details have been looked upon while making this monument, the final design was approved in 1914 and the construction completed in 1924. Gateway served as an access point to enter India.

Closer view of one of the gates of Gateway of India. 

Another very famous place well known in Mumbai is the Asiatic Library. It holds an important value because it is one of the very old libraries that we as students still look up to. The collection of books at this library is unique along with its grand architecture build up. 

Asiatic Library
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), originally known as Victoria Terminus (VT) is a historic railway station in Mumbai. It serves as the headquarters of the Central Railway which was built by the Britishers. It has influences from the Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings. Inspite of the attacks that took place during 2008, the building still stands high with the same pride. The traditional system of flag hoisting during Republic Day and Independence Day takes place every year at CST.

Top View of the CST Station
Traditional Flag Hoisting During Independence Day 

Flora Fountain happens to be another beautifully carved architectural structure, which depicts the Roman Goddess Flora. This monument is located at the Southern End of Dadabhai Naoroji Road in South Bombay and is a great architectural example of the combination between water and sculpting.

Sculpture of Goddess at Flora Fountain
 Another well known place for its architecture are the Kanheri Caves which are located with Sanjay Gandhi National Park. These caves are said to be the shrine of Buddha and have his sculptures carved on the walls. The architecture of the cave has made this place a heritage site thus giving us as photographers a lot of variety to experiment with.

Kanheri Caves Entrance

Lastly, we come to Mount Mary Church in Bandra, which is the most famous church in Mumbai.The church is 100 years old and it is said that the statue of Our Lady has been brought by the Portugals. With passing time, the church has been built and rebuilt to maintain the essence of the architecture. Till today, the church still stands high with its beauty in Bandra and hosts a lot of people everyday who come to pray here. 

Mount Mary Church at Bandra
 So, this was the list of Heritage sites Casual Abstractions team has managed to visit. I am sure there are many more out there and all we need to do is to preserve them. These architectures are timeless beauties and I don't think it will be able to recreate them in today's modern era. So on #WorldHeritageDay , make sure you take the effort to preserve these.

Pictures by  Clayton Marques , Prardhana Chillarige , Twinkle Dalal . Do follow them on Instagram and check out more of their photography.