For Animals Who Are Created With Perfection

I remember those days back in my childhood, when we use to have a compulsory family outing where we were taken to these informative places which could help us understand our studies as well. Out of the many one of my favorite was visiting the Zoo, looking at animals who looked similar to the pictures in textbooks was fascinating. Today being National Zoo Lovers Day, it reminds me of all the memories we had of observing the animals, the various color shades that they were made up of, the super power that they possessed and so many other things. 

While learning Photography, our professor used to take to different nature trails and zoo parks leaving us in the open to experiment our ideas. I must say, clicking the zoo species takes a lot of patience and observation. One of our favorite destination during our wild life photography lessons was Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is a huge park within the city limits that hosts a few of the animal species within the territory. So here are some of my experiments that I did while learning the wild life photography lessons at the park.


I loved going there, it certainly provided me with food for thought that even though no one has taught these creatures to do things yet they manage to do it all with such perfection. As aspiring wild life photographers me and my bunch of team are always lurking for the perfect moment to capture those special species. I am sure if the professor is reading this then he is definitely smiling with the memory of all the times we tried convincing him to take us to another place, but I would still like to thank him for always taking to this place because every time we went we had a different area to explore and yet we haven't finished roaming the whole of national park. 

But wild life is all around the world, preserved and maintained in different manners. One of my best friend Clayton Marques, who is into wild life photography since a long time, happened to visit Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore is one of the well known national parks situated in Rajasthan and is famous for having the highest number of tigers within the park. But Clayton says that, "Everyone who goes to Ranthambore wants to get a sight of the Majestic Tiger, but there is more to look around and you see more than you asked for". I agree to him because I too was stunned after looking at his collection of pictures after he came back from the trip. So here are some shortlisted for you people to see and enjoy. You can check many more on his Instagram Page

Lastly I have a message for all you people out there, animals are an important part of our ecosystem and we should take efforts to keep them safe and help them grow. Hoping the post has made you curious enough to go visit these cute species. I wonder if this generation understands those little joys of visiting these places but if you have not visited a zoo yet, I urge you to go visit so that you have a story to tell your little ones to understand their importance. Some of the places that you can visit in Mumbai are Sanjay Gandhi National Park , Byculla Zoo , Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden and Mahim Nature Park.

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And a shout out to all zoo lovers out there on #NationalZooLoversDay , I totally understand the art of observing those animals while clicking their perfections that God has magically created.