It's My Job To Make Them Smile :)

Ready ! One, Two, Three... Smile !

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. As a Photographer, it's my job to make people feel happy whenever I am shooting them. But sometimes I feel that the essence of happiness comes best when people willingly smile for the camera before I ask them to do so. 

So today, on the International Day of Happiness, I want to take this opportunity to showcase some happy faces from TheRed LensGirl's gallery. Some say Happiness comes from inside, some say it is contagious. I would like to say that it is a choice. You have to choose to be happy. You should be able to find the little happy moments within every situation, because happiness is a very strong emotion felt by humans and you should not let others control your happiness. 

I feel eyes convey emotions the best and when eyes speak the language of happiness you can feel the vibe. I find that eyes communicate a lot of things if you manage to notice the depth and the beauty of it.

So here are some happy faces that I managed to freeze in my camera frame and thus giving them a lifetime of memories.


To end this on a happy note, hope my effort made you feel these moments of happiness and brought a smile on your face. If not then here is another picture and this shall definitely make you feel happy.

Now its your turn, take an effort to make someone happy. Spread your power of smile and make a difference, because this world needs more of happy people. :)


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