Introducing TheRed Lens Girl

"The only language that can be understood anywhere in the world"
- Bruno Barbey

A Photograph  has different definitions for different people. But for a photographer, every picture is special because it speaks beyond words and conveys various perspectives. For a few, a photograph is a memory. A memory  that was built just by a click of a button. I would love to thank the one who invented the concept of the camera, as you can save every aspect of life.  A remembrance that can be visited time and again. Photography for me is treasuring every little moment, every juncture and every emotion that might never happen again. It's the pictures that evoke nostalgia, one of the strongest emotion felt by a human. More than passion, photography to me is creation. It is a physical representation of memory because it cannot be re-created again.

It is the best way to showcase your thoughts that can't be explained in words. Again, it's not a good camera that makes a good picture but a thought – A MOMENT … that makes a good picture. It gives you the power to utilize the skill of observation and not technology. My love for photography was always there, with time and guidance I polished my skills to capture those little moments more beautifully. Yes that's right you excel in a particular genre but when you are a photographer anything and everything becomes your subject. You know to play with the compositions and create new ones. Thus, I too have experimented while I took a plunge to become a photographer. All of my experimenting with all possible genres has brought me here, the brand name that I would love to share with you TheRed Lens Girl…  because I shoot to immortalize !

That’s me Twinkle Dalal, the chief photographer of TheRed Lens Girl. Trying my experiments in most genres like street, wild-life, people, weddings, nature and a little bit of fashion. I believe people are at their best when they are not asked to pose hence I love capturing people when they aren’t aware of being clicked. So more of a candid photographer. I aspire to give the clients such photographs that can always help them relive the emotions and share a smile recalling those little stories because photos are the essential start to the age old art of story telling.

Picture Credits : Prardhana Chillarige