Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom.

- Rumi

There are days when there is a sheer disappointment that lingers through your gut, because you cannot seem to reason out with yourself as to why they could not choose you back or why would you deserve the loss. Whilst you sit with your emotions about the loss, you can only wonder on ways to understand how to keep living the moment each time to be able to let it go. 

There will be days when the world will trigger your trauma and all your efforts to heal yourself might squander. And then all of a sudden you have nothing left, but Grief!

Grief about the happiest moments lived,
Grief about the widest smiles shared,
Grief about letting go of a possible future,
Grief about soothing that one piece of heart that will forever feel abandoned,
Grief about losing your comfort person to the unknown,
Grief about knowing that you will cry every time you miss them, no matter how hard the mind reasons out on all pragmatic reasons to let go of them!
Because grief still hopes on-to finding magic,
Magic that could possibly overturn your hardest loss into your biggest fortune!
Whilst grief decides to visit, it will also remind of the infinite obsession that will always remain...
Buried, hidden and stored in that little corner of the heart!

For those days, when you are left to tend to yourself, remind yourself that you are a lot more than collateral damage in everyone's story. Let your tears roll out as you miss your favorite memories, listen to the songs that help you find your groove back and let your lips shine your brightest smile. The universe has got your back, and no one does it better than You!!!