This Summer Let Your Ears Do The Talking...

One thing I miss during this time at home, is my impromptu shopping that I would end up doing while I would be out and about. My love for hoarding jewellery and shoes is unending and I have been told a zillion time to put a limit to my shopping spree, thanks to always running out of space to keep them. I have always been more of a earring person, as compared to sporting a neck-piece.  But thanks to the world slowly moving every aspect of life online, I could still satisfy my urge by looking up for unique and fantastic pieces of jewellery online and adding them to my cart so I can get them ordered whenever the world resumes back to work. 

My love for art and design often reflects in the collection of my jewellery, because I love the exclusivity and distinctiveness that I feel when I pair them with one of my many outfits. My recent discovery online has been the fabulous collection on ExclusiveLane, as they have some beautiful statement earrings based on the Dhokra, Warli and Aztec themes. 

It was refreshing to see how they have so carefully and creatively adapted the traditional folk art. The intricate details of the faces of the woman have been so aesthetically carved with elegant combinations of color and patterns. 

Warli is my personal favourite because I love the miniature artwork and when combined with the wooden effect it only enhances the contrast. The multi color combination allows you to pair the same earring with different outfits so create a subtle look. 

Handcrafted pieces have an unmatched charm of their own. The Dhokra themed earrings on the website have blown me away with the beauty and the fine detailing of the piece. I wonder how much patience the artisans must have had while making these beauties. 

You can check out the Aztec collection on their webpage as they have amazing concepts,  because they have a variety of ideas. These were my absolute favourites from their website, which I am surely gonna try and have, for my own collection. I hope they have many more unique designs added in near future. 


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