Men To Fall In Love With... On Netflix!

You feel low, you watch your favourite characters on screen, you feel happy in the moment with the punch of emotions and you miss having such characters in real life... a loop that never ends! The digital takeover is certainly a bliss for an introvert like me who doesn't favour human conversations, considering they are misunderstood most of the times. As a writer,  I have always loved getting lost in the world of stories, whether it was books or the theatrical screens. Yea we were a bunch of 90's kids who would wait for a movie to make a theatrical release and not wait like "Oh just a couple of months and it should be on one of the OTT platforms, why go to the theater."

With the Netflix craze slowly taking over me, the curious kid in me was wanting to indulge in the world of stories. I have invested quite a lot of my time to watch Series as well as Movies on the platform. My previous post on Netflix spoke about the Friendships portrayed on the screen. You can read that here. This post is about, well as the title suggests... Men that I would love to have if I were to have them in my real life.

Lucifer Morningstar From Lucifer
"So tell me, What is it that you truly desire?" The iconic dialogue delivered by the man himself with his wicked yet charming smile, Lucifer Morningstar, to bring your deepest desires to surface without any worries of the world. The extremely handsome Devil who has escaped Hell, has found a luxurious life on Earth as he trips upon the intricacies of emotions felt by powerless human beings. It is absolutely amazing to see how therapy is such an important aspect for the Devil himself to understand the wave of feelings that he happens to feel while he interacts with Chloe and other humans in the process of solving homicide murders. A Devil who loves to do good, yet wants to punish the bad. The one who wants to protect his loved ones and friends, from the darkest of the celestial outcomes. 

Harvey Specter From Suits
Netflix, Series on Netflix
"I'm not the guy that gives you a hug when you're scared. I'm the guy that wins when you need it the most.", Harvey exclaims when something at work gets Donna in trouble. A man who has loyalty running in his veins and winning is like second nature to him, it is sheer joy to see him not give up in times of struggle. Through the multiple seasons, we see Harvey achieving success through his career as a lawyer and how he is absolutely diligent to find every possible way to get what he wants whether it is for himself or his clients. It is gorgeous to see the relationships he builds up with the colleagues at office and who eventually become family for him. A man of his words, his chique style and a protector,  don't we all want the one who wants to win the world with all that it takes? 

Trace Riley From Chesapeake Shores
Netflix, Series on Netflix
"I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that this is my home, Chesapeake and you.", is what Trace says when life throws a curve ball for him to choose between his career and love-life. A journey of two childhood best friends who made promises to each other about having a life together, but situations pulled them apart. Abby comes back to Chesapeake after many years, and her journey with Trace begins all over again as they reminisce their past memories and broken promises to see if they can give their love another chance. How important it is to realize, that no matter where the opportunities take the man, he knows he always has a home to come back, to his woman and the house he built for himself. And for what you love, you always find a way back. 

Coach Cal From Sweet Magnolias
Netflix, Series on Netflix
"I look forward to figuring out our future, at the pace of your choice.", says Coach Cal when Maddie confronts him about her fear of trusting herself into a new relationship, thanks to the recent divorce that she has gone through. It was such an important moment in the series, where the power and choice was given to the woman, to heal back at her own pace and yet he was happy to be available for her, to help her in the process of healing. The series portrays the difficulty to accept a relationship that makes you grow, after being in a relationship that took away the real essence of you. It takes a strong man, to let her woman have her wings so she can achieve all that she wants and yet have her back so she can find herself wrapped in his arms at the end of the day without the worries of societal judgement.

Sherlock Holmes From Sherlock
Netflix, Series on Netflix
"I imagine John Watson thinks love is a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple and very destructive. You should never let your heart rule your head. I've always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof." said Sherlock when he resolved a case of Coventry that involves Irene Adler who played the Holmes boy as per instructions from Jim Moriarty. A sociopath who wants to dissect every situation and emotion in a scientific way possible, giving in to sentiments is far off his idea and just a quick little view can help him know about the recent whereabouts of a person. A consulting detective with a brilliant mind is sure to amaze you with his intelligence. Every situation carefully deduced to a logical or psychological reasoning, and let me tell you... they are really convincing.

Except for the Sweet Magnolias, all others have multiple seasons for you to binge watch and I am certain you will enjoy them too as much as I did... If you do then let me know in the comments!