The Pillion Rider!

Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride.
- Gary Allan

I have always had the fondness for bikes and bike rides since childhood. I think I inherit the biking love from my father. My day would never end without going out on a quick bike trip around the vicinity with him, and its since then I have loved being the pillion rider. The excitement and desire to go on a bike ride or a bike trip has not changed even a tad bit. I am still as enthusiastic to go on that ride as I was as a kid.

Biker Buddies, Gujarat, Gujurider

So here's introducing my very own biker buddy, the tall rider hunk GujuRider. His height does give me a complex sometimes but he is by far the best rider that I have known and traveled certain long distances. We share the same love for Royal Enfield and Roads and thus the photographer in me couldn't resist making some fantastic pictures of the bike and him. 

Gujurider, Royal Enfield, Gujarat

During my childhood, Royal Enfield was a brand that was loved by most bikers and it was inspiring to know about the stories when they explored destinations with it. And since then, Royal Enfield has my heart and a yet another covet to own one and ride one myself someday. It has always been a dream to do a road trip on the beast some day, with my bunch of friends who would happily agree to ride.

Gujurider, Royal Enfield Himalayan,Gujarat

I have always been an avid cycler because I would love riding my bicycle around when I was in school, which thus lead to learning the scooty soon after I was out of school. When my mother gifted me the scooty for my graduation, the love to ride around has only grown its roots further deep within me. I have only fallen in love with bikes further more, whether I am riding myself or being the pillion to the fantastic pack of friends who share the same love for riding. The gush of air that just fills your soul with freshness is a moment of bliss for me. Its one of the best stress busters for me, personally and this therapy has always worked. 

Gujurider, Royal Enfield Himalayan,Gujarat, Riding

Follow him on his instagram account @Gujurider to keep a check on where he is travelling next with his Royal Enfield Himalayan and his bunch of riders, which trip is he leading next and lets come together as a gang of bikers where the pillions also enjoy as much as the bike riders. 

Gujurider, Royal Enfield Himalayan,Gujarat, Biker

I always desired to ride my own Royal Enfield someday, but with the bunch of riders that I have found and trust them with long road trips, my love for being the Pillion Rider has only grown. To many more trips together and many more stories that shall follow. Lets ride through the world, and allow the ride to fill us with some more life and indelible experiences.


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