Sunset Obsession #ShadesOfTheSky

If you have been following my blog, you already know about my love for beaches and gorgeous landscapes. As a photographer, colours in the nature intrigue me. I have this sheer fascination for sunset landscapes as you get to see such fantastic colours and compositions for your photograph. Since I am on a break from work for a while, I thought why not polish my photography skills in the free time. So here are some new set of pictures that I managed to capture around the city during the sunset hours. 

Sunset, Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Everyone has that one thing that makes them absolutely happy. For me that happiness is observing the setting sun and the beautiful landscape that it creates.

Sunset, Carter Road, Mumbai

Sunset Photography, Mumbai

Bird with sunset, landscape photography

I have never been an early riser [unless work calls] all through my life. I love subtle evenings. When people are wrapping up work, I begin mine. I have always found myself working against the clock of nature and I quite enjoy that way. Now that I live in a house that comes with a view of the cityscape, it has become a lot easier for me capture sunsets and enjoy the sight from my window. 

evening sky, carter road, bandra

Sunsets to me signify peace and tranquility. I have always enjoyed working in silence during the wee hours of midnight and twilight is where the night begins from. I call myself a nightingale as I have had those days of staying up all night because I feel my mind works best at night. Inspite of all the tries yet, I haven't managed to change that in me.

horse-ride, versova beach, sunset photo

Each sunset shows us, how many colours we can add to our lives while we move towards the dark. Each step is a journey and it is on us how colourful we want to paint it. A great artist creates masterpieces by utilizing the available resources to the fullest.

Do you equally love sunsets as I do? Let me know in the comments below...


  1. beautiful. I love sunsets too .

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