Find your happiness - International Day of Happiness

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

“Don't you find it odd," she continued, "that when you're a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you're older, somehow they act offended if you even try.” 
- Ethan Hawke,The Hottest State

This quote exactly describes my situation and maybe yours also at some level, but I am hopping you are sticking to what you aspire to be instead of being manipulated by some practical nuances that someone happened to make you understand. If you have the power to think about it, you also have the power to execute it. I am a professional photographer having aims to travel around the world to capture some best photographs for my memory and write about my experiences about travels. 


A lot of times people ask me what do I do, where do I work? I simply tell them I do a lot of things. Most of them don't understand how it works which has now become a quite normal thing for me. For their generation, it was a very simple process. You study until graduation and get a job that pays you well with regular increments and incentives where work starts at 9am and finishes by 6pm leaving them with ample amount of time to spend with family and friends whereas I get to decide my work hours and I am generally working from home. But as usual, after innumerable discussions and attempts they haven't yet figured out how do I function and what my work is. No one said success comes easy or overnight. It takes years of struggle and hard work. Just because someone tells you it will not work out, doesn't mean you don't do it. If you believe in something that you want to do and if you know your hard work will eventually pay off, then I urge you to not give up because that is where your happiness lies.

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Happiness might have a different meaning to each one of us, because there are going to be different things that we might like that make us happy. I find my happiness in travelling across places wanting to know more about the place. India is a host to numerous stories, be it mythological or magic of nature. I aim to visit those unique places in the world to create best photographs as per my visualization. I have begun my journey of happiness by choosing to do what I want to do. I may not be earning the money people think I can or I should, but I am sure one fine day everything will be worth the efforts. So inspite of all the opinions that don't support me, I choose to stick to what I do as a writer and a photographer.

Adalaj Stepwell, Ahmedabad

I have discovered some fabulous stories during my travels till date, one of the best being of the Adalaj Stepwell in Ahmedabad on my blog. People referring to my articles before planning to visit a certain place is what adds to my happiness because in a way I am inspiring them to visit that place. This variety of work is something that makes me happy for which I don't need to operate out of an office. I can decide my plans without having someone to report too!

Sunset Point, Matheran

Happiness to me is getting lost in the nature. What better way to destress from the chaotic lifestyle that we all are living. I am the happiest, looking at nature's drama and I would climb up mountains to do so.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa-Karnataka

Dudhsagar waterfalls, was one of the most challenging trek that me and my friends decided to do. We planned to cover 26kms all the way from Karnataka to Goa, I had almost given up mid-way but after watching the beautiful gigantic waterfalls my energy was restored. I wish to do this trek again someday!


Happiness for me is all about experiencing new things, because only experiences can help you overcome your fears. On this International Day of Happiness, I have decided to travel the world to witness the beauty of our mother earth and follow what I love to do. There are going to be numerous times when life is going to pull you down with hardships and you as a person have to make a choice whether you want to walk out smiling from the situation or suffer in the situation. We need to take a pause from our technological lives and take a stroll on the beach to feel our inner soul, because happiness comes from within. I always head to the beach and sit through the evening just observing the surrounding, letting the air pass through my hairs and my mood instantly changes and I feel happy and peaceful from within. It helps me make my mind calm and patient and my observation helps me to improve as a photographer as well. Patience is the secret to all success, that is exactly what we need to adapt from nature.

Chapora Beach, Goa

A lot of people will teach you to think realistically and not take risks, as failure is something that they don't want you to face. But if you are a dreamer, a person who has some ideas that may change the way the world thinks, stop not! Force yourself to think beyond your capacities and you shall find your happiness that others have not found. You have the power and the capacity to go beyond the restrictions and discover your passions. Follow your gut feeling for the sake of that happiness which makes you smile even after a really hard day. Until next time, close your eyes and tell me what you see... that is exactly what you desire!