Magical Monsoon Paintings #ShadesOfTheSky

Monsoon is one of my favourite season.The nature seems to be more unpredictable just like life, but we adjust to it and enjoy the weather. Being a sucker for sky drama, I love the way clouds create the whole scene. As a kid, I always stared at the forms of cloud and imagine a particular thing in it. As I have to travel for work everyday from one corner of the city to another, I often get a chance to catch a glimpse of the dramatic clouds. So here are a few that I managed to photograph with my phone camera.

I have taken all these pictures during the evening hours while returning back from work. It always come to my surprise that every day the sky has a different color to show. It is just to soothing to see the transformations happen everyday. Someone said it right, "Beauty is everywhere, you just need to be open to seeing it." 

As photographer, it is my mission to capture the magic of nature because things never happen the same way again. Trust me, some day just look up at the sky instead of the phones, you too shall spot the drama and go WOOOOOWWWW!

Check out more photos on our Instagram Page! Until next time, enjoy the beauty around and appreciate the moment.