He is not a Pet, He is our Baby !

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.
- Johnny Depp

When he first came home, he was this cute little munchkin just two months old with bark so soft that it would make you say "Awww so cute". That was my first day with the dog that I had adopted, but over time he has become a part of the family. He is no more a pet dog, he is just like my baby who i want nurture whenever I see him. He was just two months old when we brought him home and since then our days and priorities have changed.

Since then life is changed. I always have him waiting for me to return home, he will cuddle beside me into the blanket to sleep. The day starts with looking at him and ends after putting him to sleep. He is the baby who listens to my foot steps and knows that I have arrived. No matter how good or bad my day will be, he can always make me smile with all his kisses all over my face. He is very keen on eating with me and I know my meal shall never be complete if he has not had a bite from it. We love bathing each other, he nicely enjoys sleeping while I bath him and once bath finishes he is all over the house trying to dry himself climbing all possible places and dancing around the house. 

Life has changed after having him and it has changed for better. Its been two years with him now and we now exactly know what each others likes and dislikes. He has just made us understand affection and love in a better way. Now that we love each other unconditionally, he is no more a pet but my little baby, a member of the family and a munchkin who can make anyone smile with his cute little face. This is how he loves posing for my camera.

So on this  I want to thank him for being there in our lives with all his innocence, mischief and the love that he always gives us and teaches us that there is nothing better than the little moments of happiness in life. Love you my Munchkin.