Awaited art festival of the year

Kala Ghoda Art Festival is one of the most awaited festivals of the year that takes place in South Bombay, Mumbai. This festival always commences on the first Saturday of February and ends on the second. It is one of the interesting art festivals of all in the way of its depiction and presentation of various kinds of art work, paintings, illustrations, etc.


Hosting different themes each year, the festival makes it a point to spread social awareness as well. It takes up the initiative by having some fantastic art work and installations on the various topics that has been in the news during the last year. 

With all these installations, art work, handicraft stalls, various themed photo booths, the festival is a photographer's delight. It lets the photographer experiment with different compositions and perspectives. I have been personally visiting the festival for three consecutive years, and trust me it takes a lot of patience to get a clutter free image because the crowd is continuously posing with the installations that are presented there. 

This year the festival hosted Mumbai as their theme with an attempt to focus on the very essential aspects that play a major role in our daily lives. There was a variety of auto rickshaws decorated with different colors and themes that promoted the art work done by the students. Auto Rickshaw happens to be one of the basic need of a Mumbaikar and having the opportunity to see them in different shades apart from the regluar Black & Yellow was interesting. 


One of the artwork displayed faces with different colors that portray some emotion. A human has many faces, many emotions, many different ways to look at life at different situations. As a photographer this was my perspective to the art work. 

One of my favorite installation was the infinity sign that depicted different places and monuments of Mumbai, music and various other aspects surrounding Mumbai. The sign absolutely defines Mumbai, its infinite. You always have a way to go, always hope after falling down, it always gives you a new way to enjoy life. 

A tribute to our very own Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was offered by creating his portrait with various colorful papers molded into circular shape and arranged in a particular way. 

One of the very interesting interaction that caught my attention were these butterfly shapes drawn on a black board and various people were asked to write the emotion that came first to their minds. They urged them to think of a positive emotion in order to guide them towards the path of positive thinking.


So this was my experience at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, 2016 hosted by Hindustan Times. Each year they come up with the most interesting concepts and make sure they stand out in whatever they showcase.