Yeh Number One Yaari Hai

Sometimes Best Friends come in Three
        When you have nothing to do in life or if nothing seems to be right, go meet her. I am sure we all have that one friend whom we look up to when nothing seems good and when everything seems perfect. So did I have one who met me during college days and then,  the bond just grew. 
       Graduation did part our ways but our friendship still remained strong and our talks during exams still continued inspite of having separate papers the next day. We loved supporting each other by starting the conversation with “Shit I haven’t touched the book yet” and the other one would reply “Dude, we are genius. Don’t worry, we shall pass”. Now that she planned to study her post graduation in Khandala, it took me efforts to plan her a birthday surprise.
        It was going to be one journey of my life that I always aspired to experience. A bike trip into the ghats enjoying the chills at night. I knew it was going to be a difficult trip but it was an important trip to me because she wanted us come. So we set off with the gift and cake at around evening making sure we weren’t missing any precautions for the ride. And then the journey began, the google map guided us and that was one day I regretted using google maps.


       The maps landed us twice on the expressway on which bikes are not allowed. As a result, we were pulled over by the police and had a hard time dealing with them. We bribed them to let us go as we were running late and he finally agreed. Reached Khandala little late, but that big smile on her face was enough to make us forget the odds we faced on our way to meet her. We celebrated in the middle of the hill and she had her time with her favourite cupcakes. We then went on in and embarrassed her with the gifts we had bought her and made her giggle. She made us meet her Khandala friends  that see I too have friends who are here to meet me.  That proud feeling of her just added further to my happiness.
        And then the best partner of midnight for all of us, Maggi... we spoke millions of things over maggi, sipping vodka and stars gazing at us. She just went on with her formulas of stars that she had discovered over her stay in Khandala. They just added up to the beauty of the night and our talks put in the flavours to it.

        So that was Khandala to me, meeting this chick of my life who was lost in the mystic hills and had no time for herself too. That is friendship,  going beyond the usual and making memories that are indelible.


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