Solivagant Soul

A new beginning had to be searched,
A new life had to be carved out of the silence...
It did not end at the dead ends,
Because  the belief of infinite was still alive...
It was messed, it was tedious,
To hold back all the broken pieces,
But a hope still kept that little strength alive...
Which would be an inception of the next journey,
The journey of faith...

It wasn't supposed to be walked on but utilized,
It was the intimation of the foundation.
Something great that could be built again,
Something that needed effort and patience,
And a heart that said "YOU CAN DO IT"

The two equals of the heart,
Angel and the Devil...
The devils knew to swim, but the angel would drown them off,
Coz the mind still pondered to convince the heart,

As the devil controlled the heart dauntlessly though,
The mind diverged the course by a tender acquisitiveness,
The angels were at power and so was the present

Yes the devils won the game, but little did they know...
She was falling in love with the dark,
Falling for the beauty hidden behind the broken pieces of light,
She was on the verge of giving up but still hunting a reason to smile,
A reason to stay strong, a reason to stand upright,

Within the merriment, the devils forgot that serendipity was still waiting for its turn...